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As many people know, most loons avoid the proximity of humans, and tend to keep their distance. These close up photos were possible for several reasons: Because WHP is small and boating activity is quiet (mostly kayaks and canoes) the loons seemed to gradually habituate to human presence. As a result, respectful paddlers could sometimes get a bit closer than expected, or the loons would show up nearby, to the surprise of the kayaker or canoeist! The photographer has a good DSLR camera with a 400mm telephoto lens, enabling her to zoom in on the loons from afar. Many images were also cropped, making the loons appear much closer than they were in reality. 


In giving the loons the space they need, we are hopeful that the breeding pair will return again in 2023. We hope that all loons spotted on any body of water will be given this same respect.

All photos are courtesy of and copyright (2022) Lois Glaser

© 2024 by West Harbor Pond Watershed Association.

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