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The West Harbor Pond Watershed Association carries out its mission under the direction of a Board of Directors, whose responsibilities are enumerated in Articles 4 through 6 of the Association’s by-laws.

The Board of Directors [BoD] consists of no fewer than three and no more than eleven members. New members are formally elected at the Annual Meeting, serve for a term of three years, and may be reelected. If the BoD wishes to add a new member during the year, the new member may be appointed immediately on an interim basis and formally elected at the next Annual Meeting. The officers of the BoD are the President, the Treasurer, and the Secretary, who are elected by the BoD.

Many (but certainly not all) of the tasks that keep the WHPWA running are carried out by members of the BoD. Anyone who wishes to participate in both guiding the WHPWA and ensuring that its many tasks are carried out is encouraged to join the BoD. The only requirement (other than membership in the WHPWA) is a willingness to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Please consider joining the BoD if you wish to become more involved in the work and leadership of the WHPWA.

The BoD meets on an as-needed basis, typically three to four times a year not counting the Annual Meeting. Meetings are called by the President, with at least three days notice (and typically much more) to the other Board members and to the general membership of the WHPWA. These meetings are open to all members of the WHPWA, who are encouraged to attend, participate, and submit agenda items for the BoD to act on. However, only BoD members may vote. Recently, such participation has become easier because it is possible for BoD and general members to participate by Zoom. The Secretary prepares the minutes of each meeting, and these are circulated to the general membership.


The current members of the BoD, together with selected email addresses and the expiration of their terms are listed below. A member’s term expires on the date of the Annual Meeting.

BoD Member (Role)                   Year Term Expires  

  • Will Anderson                           2025

  • Merritt Blakeslee (President)    2025                  

  • Jill Bryant                                  2025

  • Nate Cagle                                2026

  • Maggie Fairbrother                    2024

  • Judy Kildow (Secretary)            2024                  

  • David McFarland                       2025

  • Michael Breen                           2025

  • Valerie Breen (Treasurer)          2026


If you have specific interests or concerns that you want to share with the WHPWA BoD, please contact the President through the above email with those items.

If you would like to contribute to or improve this website, please contact the webmaster at .

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