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The West Harbor Pond Watershed Association participates in LakeSmart, a Maine Lakes Society program that educates homeowners on how to best manage their watershed property so it has minimal impact on the Pond. The emphasis is on stopping or diverting storm water runoff which can carry pollutants into the Pond. LakeSmart targets four areas: the driveway/parking area, structures and septic, yard and paths, and the buffer and water access areas.


This free and voluntary program recognizes waterfront homeowners who use natural landscaping strategies and best management practices to protect the health of West Harbor Pond.  The Pond is proud to have many LakeSmart properties along its shores.  You can see the blue and white LakeSmart signs proudly displayed at the shoreline and along the road. Watch the Maine Lakes Society video below to learn more about LakeSmart.


The WHPWA offers 2 types of LakeSmart visits:


An informal Survey Visit with two trained volunteers.


You'll receive a LakeSmart survey worksheet in advance.  Two volunteers will spend an hour with you offering information and suggestions on how to capture and infiltrate storm water. A Survey Visit is a great way to become familiar with the LakeSmart Program and the Best Management Practices and may be done prior to an Evaluation Visit 


A formal Evaluation Visit with 3-5 trained volunteers.


The volunteers will assess four areas of your property, starting at the driveway and working toward the shore front. If your property scores well in all four categories, you will receive the LakeSmart Award. You can sign up for an Evaluation Visit after a Survey Visit or skip the Survey Visit altogether.

Contact us for more information or to schedule a LakeSmart visit.

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