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The Great West Harbor Pond Fishing Derby

Current News

It’s almost time to put on your fishing hat and summer shorts and head to WHP
to your favorite fishing location! We are gearing up for the Annual WHP Fishing
Derby. As the date approaches, consider cleaning and oiling your fishing reel,
changing out the line, and taking a lure and bait inventory while cleaning out the
tackle box. You’ll want to be ready to grab your fishing pole and cast into the
WHP Derby.

More announcements are coming very soon.

2024 Derby

With two successful West Harbor Pond Fishing Derby’s
wrapped up, we are preparing for 2024. Congratulations to
past winners, and thanks to everyone who participated!

This may be YOUR year to catch the big one!

Derby Rules

The West Harbor Pond Fishing Derby is an opportunity for fishermen (-women and -kids) to enjoy one of their favorite Pond activities in a friendly competition, to meet other like-minded Pond neighbors, maybe find some new friends, share the stories of their big catches online, and possibly get a trophy hat for a "Biggest in Class" catch.  It is also a way for everybody to discover more about what is really swimming about out there in the Pond, and probably pick up a few choice photos for this website. 


Click to review the Derby Rules

Full Results from The West Harbor Pond
Fishing Derby
The August WHP Derby winner is 9-year-old Martin Valasek, landing a 15" Small Mouth Bass! On August 26 at 9:00 a.m. with fishing pole in hand Martin used his “magic lure” (lipless crank bait) to land his catch. Martin had just arrived to one of his happy places, 128 Lakeside Drive, from Rochester, NY,  when he dropped his line in the water. He caught this fish on his first cast of the day. Great way to start a weeks’ vacation! Congratulations Martin!

July's Derby winners tied, with Abby Chordas and Graham Staebler both bringing in 13" Large Mouth Bass!  Abby and Graham will receive WHPWA hats as a reward.  Both are pictured here with their catches, along with the runners-up.  Congratulations to all!

The summer was made for fun and what better place than WHP for swimming, boating, fishing and just relaxing. And what better way to add some excitement to your summer than a Fishing Derby. There is an abundance of good fishing here and what better way is there than to make yourself at home with your feet up enjoying the sun and fresh air of WHP, fishing?  You might just win a WHP hat, and having your photo--with your catch--on the WHPWA website.   The Great West Harbor Pond Fishing Contest is for WHPWA members and their guests.  We look forward to sharing your catch on the WHPWA website for each year's contest.  


Martin Valasek with his 15" Small Mouth Bass

Abby Chordas with her 13" Large Mouth Bass

Isabelle Chordas with her 12" Large Mouth Bass

Did you say 15"?  Sure enough!

Graham Staebler with his 13" Large Mouth Bass

Ella Chordas with her 11" Large Mouth Bass

The West Harbor Pond Fishing Derby ran from July-August 2022, and the winners have been declared.  For the categories for which entries were submitted, here are the winners:

White Perch: 10.5 inches, caught by Zachary Bujno
wski, August 14th
Large Mouth Bass: 16 inches, caught by Zachary Bujnowski, August 13th
Small Mouth Bass: 6 inches, caught by James Byrne on August 28th

Large Mouth Bass: 16 inches, caught by Ralph Colby, July 28th
Small Mouth Bass: 13 inches, caught by Valerie Breen, July 29th

For the month of August there was one additional winner:
Large Mouth Bass: 14 inches, caught by Gordon Haldeman on August 13th
(Ralph Colby's July catch was the overall winner in this category)

West Harbor Pond hats go to all of the winners, and "hats off" to them for their success!

To the right is the pictorial submission from the Martterer
family, along with which was this "fish story":

"My husband Jamie and I have owned a home on WHP for
nearly 11 years. Summer is a magical time here, made even
more special by our annual family vacation, where my sister
(Lisa), her husband (Patrick), their two kids (George and
Martin), and my parents (Paul and Patrice) travel from
Rochester, NY and Rexford, NY, respectively. We've been
doing this each year since we bought our home, so all of the
kids (George, Martin, and our son, James) have had the
luxury of this annual vacation each year of their young lives. We spend our days on the dock, jumping into the pond, swimming, digging for worms, playing badminton, toasting marshmallows on the bonfire, doing puzzles, cooking great meals, eating ice cream, going to Shermans, and in general, creating memories that will last a lifetime. 2022 has been another banner year (perfect weather, everyone in good health) and excitement levels are HIGH for the West Harbor Pond fishing derby. George and Martin are such good teachers for their little cousin, James (our son), and helped him reel in his very first fish this year. Outside of that, they have both had spectacular catches, detailed below. 


Thanks for putting this event together - We hope it's an annual!!"

Zach large mouth bass.jpg

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