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The West Harbor Pond Watershed Association's primary mission is to preserve and protect this historic pond and its shoreline through careful environmental stewardship.


The WHPWA seeks to preserve the water quality of the Pond and the ecological system that has developed within and around it. To fulfill this mission, the WHPWA conducts regular monitoring of the Pond’s water quality and aquatic vegetation and participates in the LakeSmart Program.


When the 1880 siphon located at the dam failed in 2008, it placed the pond in danger of losing its ability to turn over in the spring and fall, oxygenating the entire column because of the layer of heavier, oxygen-depleted salt water that enters the Pond during king tides and accumulates at the bottom of the Pond.


In 2018, the WHPWA, with the support of the larger Boothbay Harbor community,  completed the Campaign to Save West Harbor Pond to fund the replacement of the 1880 siphon. The replacement siphon began operation in March 2019 and since that time has removed much of the salt water from the bottom. This has permitted seasonal turnover to resume, with the result that dissolved oxygen levels in the Pond are higher than they have been in many years.  For much more information about the siphon, go to our siphon page.

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View of West Harbor Pond Boothbay Harbor Maine looking south toward dam

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