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West Harbor Pond and the Goose Population

Many of us in the WHP Watershed have experienced problems with the summer goose population, and its messy calling cards. If you have problems with geese on your property, you might want to consult one or more of the websites listed below to get suggestions as to how to reduce the incidence of goose visits.

Search the Internet for "discouraging geese from visiting your property", and you will get a fair number of websites listing goose control methods. Some of these sites are pretty much pure commercial ventures, so we will list just a few sites that are more general. Please expect that as you review these that there is a fair amount of overlap among the methods, and that in a few cases the cure may be worse than the cause—such as using loud noises and four-wheel bikes for chasing them off.

We hope that you might find a some of the ideas contained in these sites useful:  (note that this is Ohio-specific, but a goose is a goose, we suspect)

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