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Watershed Survey Report Completed (WHPWA, March 7, 2019)


The WHPWA conducted a Watershed Survey on June 6, 2018 in partnership with the Boothbay Region Water District, Knox-Lincoln Soil and Water Conservation District, Boothbay Region Land Trust, Boothbay Harbor Sewer District, Lake Stewards of Maine (formerly Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program), the Town of Boothbay Harbor and Maine DEP.


After many months of analyzing data and photographs collected during the watershed survey, the WHP Watershed Survey Report is complete.  The primary goals of the 2018 West Harbor Pond Watershed Survey were to:

    • Identify existing sources of soil erosion sites in the West Harbor Pond Watershed

    • Raise public awareness about the connection between land use and water quality, and the impact of soil erosion on            West Harbor Pond

    • Inspire people to become active watershed stewards 

    • Make general recommendations to landowners for fixing erosion problems on their properties


Volunteers and technical leaders identified 20 erosion sites in the West Harbor Pond watershed that are currently impacting or have the potential to impact water quality in West Harbor Pond. Surveyors documented the type, size and severity of each erosion site.


The Watershed Survey Report summarizes the findings of the survey and offers information and recommendations that all watershed property owners should find useful in helping to improve the water quality of West Harbor Pond.


The WHPWA gratefully acknowledges the financial assistance received through a generous grant from Lake Stewards of Maine (formerly Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program).

Read the West Harbor Pond Watershed Survey Report

Herbicide Spraying Stopped Near West Harbor Pond


Through the good offices of Judy Kildow, the newest member of the Board of Directors, and Julia Latter, Boothbay Harbor Town Manager, the Maine Department of Transportation has agreed to curtail seasonal herbicide spraying adjacent to the Pond along Route 27 and Lakeside Drive.

Bi-Annual Plant Sale Held in 2021


The WHPWA held a successful plant sale on Saturday June 12.  To learn more about the sale and the winner of the gift certificate from Conley's Gardens, visit the Activities and Events page

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