WHP kayaking-2069
WHP kayaking-2069

Photo: David Dalena

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Photo: Lois A. Glaser

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Photo: David Dalena

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WHP kayaking-2069
WHP kayaking-2069

Photo: David Dalena

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West Harbor Pond is a beautiful 84-acre freshwater lake in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Designated and protected by the state as a Great Pond, it is home to an abundance of fish and wildlife. 


As part of the watershed connecting Knickerbocker Lake to Boothbay Harbor's inner harbor and the Gulf of Maine, West Harbor Pond is a pathway for migrating alewives and glass eels. The population of large- and small-mouth bass and white perch keeps fishermen busy.


The Pond is a bird lovers’ paradise with regular sightings of bald eagles, osprey, owls, blue heron, loons, and white egrets. It is home to kingfishers, cormorant, and an ever-changing population of ducks including buffleheads, wood ducks, and other migratory waterfowl. Along its shores, deer, wild turkey, fox, and mink are plentiful. Turtles and beaver make their home in the Pond.  See examples of Pond wildlife in our Photo gallery.


West Harbor Pond is also a place of stillness. State law prohibiting motorized craft over 9.9 hp means that there are few motorboats on the Pond.  Most folks venture out in canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, rowing shells, and row boats when they wish to enjoy the benefits of this special place. 


Summer on the Pond 

- Swimmers of all ages gliding through clear water

- Fishermen in kayaks, boats, and on the shore

- Children splashing and laughing as they jump from floats or rope swings

- Ladies gathering in kayaks to enjoy a leisurely paddle and cocktail hour

- Vacationing and resident dogs love to swim, too.  Two annual visitors from NY, Maizie and Lucie (pictured right), love their summer on the Pond 

- Wildlife:  Osprey flying overhead or diving for a meal.  Herons on shore tending their clutch. Beavers swimming, carrying bottom plants for lunch. A pair of loons swimming and diving. "Glenn" and "Frye", our resident bald  eagles.  Mallards, cormorants, gulls, turtles, and on it goes.

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Through the good offices of Judy Kildow, the newest member of the Board of Directors, and Julia Latter, Boothbay Harbor Town Manager, the Maine Department of Transportation has agreed to curtail seasonal herbicide spraying adjacent to the Pond along Route 27 and Lakeside Drive.   More details to be found on the WHPWA News page

The WHPWA held a successful plant sale on Saturday June 12.  To learn more about the sale and the winner of the gift certificate from Conley's Gardens, visit the Activities and Events page


Moonlight Paddles On West Harbor Pond 


The next Moonlight Paddle will be coming in the spring of 2022. 


click here for full details

Fishing on West Harbor Pond

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