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2023-2024 has shortest "ice-in"

The winter of 2023-2024 set a new local record for the shortest "ice-in" period, a mere 47 days.  For all of the details and some current news information on the topic, go to the WHPWA Water Quality/Ice Coverage page.

WHP Affected by January Storm

On January 13th 2024 a strong storm brought high tide flooding to much of the south-facing coast of the Boothbay Region.   West Harbor Pond was no exception, as sea water pushed up against the causeway and spilled over the dam and into the Pond.  The photo at the right shows the sea water as it reached the level of the top of the causeway.  For more photos and videos of the event and the subsequent efforts needed to restore the action of the WHP siphon, go to the WHPWA Current News page.

Photo credit: Mike Breen

The 2023 WHP Fishing Derby 

Results are IN!


The 2023 West Harbor Pond Fishing Derby is wrapped up, and the winners are on our ACTIVITIES and EVENTS page.  Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated this year!



WEST Harbor Pond Hats for sale!


WHPWA Annual Meeting Held 

The West Harbor Pont and Watershed Association held it Annual Meeting on Sunday, August 13, 2023 at the home of Merritt and Martha Blakeslee.  The meeting featured an update on happenings on the pond, the water testing results, update on the relationship with Bigelow Labs, the treasurer’s report, the July Fishing Tournament results, and upcoming events.

The notes from the Meeting can be found here.

For those of you who did not attend and have not yet paid your dues, please send your $15.00 membership fee and any additional donation you choose to:
Valerie Breen, Treasurer, WHPWA,
PO Box 3,
West BoothBay Harbor, ME 04575

IPhotot from 2022 WHPWA Annual Meeting



West Harbor Pond is a beautiful 84-acre freshwater lake in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Designated and protected by the state as a Great Pond, it is home to an abundance of fish and wildlife. 


As part of the watershed connecting Knickerbocker Lake to Boothbay Harbor's inner harbor and the Gulf of Maine, West Harbor Pond is a pathway for migrating alewives and glass eels. The population of large- and small-mouth bass and white perch keeps fishermen busy.


The Pond is a bird lovers’ paradise with regular sightings of bald eagles, osprey, owls, blue heron, loons, and white egrets. It is home to kingfishers, cormorant, and an ever-changing population of ducks including buffleheads, wood ducks, and other migratory waterfowl. Along its shores, deer, wild turkey, fox, and mink are plentiful. Turtles and beaver make their home in the Pond.  See examples of Pond wildlife in our Photo gallery.


West Harbor Pond is also a place of stillness. State law prohibiting motorized craft over 9.9 hp means that there are few motorboats on the Pond.  Most folks venture out in canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, rowing shells, and row boats when they wish to enjoy the benefits of this special place. 

We might think of West Harbor Pond mostly in the warmer seasons, but in winter it becomes a special place as winter weather turns it into a home for winter's special seasonal activities as well.

Summer on the Pond

- Swimmers of all ages gliding through clear water

- Fishermen in kayaks, boats, and on the shore--and the Fishing Derby!!!

- Children splashing and laughing as they jump from floats or rope swings

- Ladies gathering in kayaks to enjoy a leisurely paddle and cocktail hour

- Vacationing and resident dogs love to swim, too...

- Wildlife:  Osprey flying overhead or diving for a meal.  Herons on shore tending their clutch. Beavers swimming, carrying bottom plants for lunch. A pair of loons swimming and diving. "Glenn" and "Frye", our resident bald  eagles.  Mallards, cormorants, gulls, turtles, and on it goes.

Be a part of the WHPWA community.


Loons on the Lake

In the Summers of 2022 and 2023 West Harbor Pond became the pond of choice for a loon couple to bear and raise its chick!  Please visit the WHPWA website News Page to learn more and to see photos of the 2022 happy family.


WHPWA and the Lakes Stewards of Maine

In 2023, the WHPWA will continue in its relationship with the Lake Stewards of Maine, the organization that oversees the collection of water quality data from lakes across the state.  We have been collecting and providing water transparency data to LSM since 2010.  Beginning in 2022 we have been providing our temperature and dissolved oxygen data to LSM.


In May 2022 West Harbor Pond was featured as the “Lake of the Month” on the LSM’s website, where they posted an article about the Pond on their home page.  You can read this article at .

For more information about the WHPWA relationship to the Lake Stewards, go to the Lake Stewards page on this website.


Loon photo by Lois Glaser

loon.1 wks old-7167.jpg

Moonlight Paddles On West Harbor Pond 


The first Moonlight Paddle for the 2024 season is scheduled for April 23rd, 2024.  This is the "Pink Moon" paddle.

Click here for more information on Moonlight Paddles

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